FROM may only be preceded by one or more ARG instructions, which declare arguments that are used in FROM lines in the Dockerfile. Note that each instruction is run independently, and causes a new image to be created – so RUN cd /tmp will not have any effect on the next instructions. Do not use your root directory, /, as the PATH for your build context, as it causes the build to transfer the entire contents of your hard drive to the Docker daemon. It’s also the central hub for Google’s full online office suite, which includes Docs, Sheets, and Slides—Google’s online word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation tools.

  • Sometimes it’s easier to show someone what’s on your screen than it is to explain it.
  • This mode requires knowledge of computer commands and is, therefore, more suitable for professional users.
  • The health check will first run interval seconds after the container is started, and then again interval seconds after each previous check completes.
  • Docker predefines a set of ARG variables with information on the platform of the node performing the build and on the platform of the resulting image .

Other laptops such as the Windows Surface can differ however; for example, the PrtScn key is in a different location. Snagit is the best screen capture tool you can find. It’s perfect if you need to take a lot of screenshots and want more power and flexibility than built-in options. To take a screenshot on a Mac, press Command+Shift+3 to screenshot the entire screen.

How to Take a Screenshot on a PC in 2019

Not only can you easily screenshot your entire screen, but you can also capture just your active window or even just a small portion of the screen with just a simple keyboard shortcut. The Xbox Game bar feature of MS Windows can be used to snap screenshots when you are playing any game. You just need to press the Windows key and G key together on your keyboard to use this functionality. You can also use the default Windows shortcut Windows key + Alt + PrtScn to capture a full-screen screenshot. After that, every time you take a screenshot using the print screen key, it is automatically saved to OneDrive. You can access the saved screenshots on any device as long as you can log in to your OneDrive account.

In addition, double check the default location of the Screenshots folder using the tutorial below to see if it’s set properly. Click/tap on the Paste button in the ribbon of Paint to paste the lock screen screenshot into Paint. While on the lock screen, press the Print Screen (PrtSc/SysRq) key to copy a screenshot of the lock screen background to the clipboard. In Snipping Tool download from here, press the Alt + N keys or click/tap the arrow next to the New button, and choose the type of snip you want. A screenshot of your display is now copied to the clipboard, and you can paste it where you like.

How to Find the Print Screen Key

Google Drive has a big “New” button in the interface for creating new files. Skip that part and drag files from Windows Explorer or the macOS Finder right into Google Drive’s list. At the bottom of the browser screen, you’ll see a cloud with an up arrow to indicate you can let go of the file you’re dragging. Better yet, mouse over the name of one of your Drive folders to drop it instantly to a folder. You can drag files around in the Google Drive interface on your browser, but sometimes you want to avoid using the mouse as you go from folder to folder.

How do I start my computer in safe mode without keyboard?

The application also supports hundreds of file formats and fortunately for Windows users, they can recover up to 500 MB for free. Additionally, we were amazed at the speed with which Disk Drill recovered our lost folder and the possibility of pausing the scan and resuming later. After many trials carried out using multiple data recovery software, we found Disk Drill to be very useful. For the majority of the features we had in mind, Disk Drill gave us a run for our money. An amazing feature that comes with Windows is the ability to restore a folder to a previous version.